Medical Trials Analysis

Medical Trials Analysis Italy (MTA Italy) is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) of the MTA group.

Distinctive feature of the MTA Group is the scientific distinctly matrix and the strong ties with the academic and research world. Specifically, Italy MTA provides methodological support to Hospitals, universities and research centers for the drafting and finalization of clinical research protocols. MTA Italy is also actively concerned in educational, for which he obtained in 2013 the ISO 9001 certified. In addition to being a key collaborator with the IUSS (University Institute for Advanced Studies) at the University of Ferrara in the conduct of the Master's Degree in Clinical Research and Epidemiology School since its inception in 2007, MTA provides courses for Education continuing Medical to public and private companies. The Italy MTA staff is regularly invited to give courses and / or lectures at conferences and masters focused to the training of medical and scientific personnel increasingly in clinical research. MTA Italy is a leading company of various Italian universities for undergraduate internships that led MTA staff to be co-speaker at numerous dissertations. MTA is a dynamic young company strongly oriented to the innovative nature of the strategic and operational approaches applicable to the activities and services provided. This is possible thanks to a highly qualified team with 70% of employees with a postgraduate qualification and constantly updated within its area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperations thanks to an annual training plan very extended and customized.