Employment implications:

More possibilities

This type of course can enrich your CV, giving a wide range of employment opportunities and allowing you tobe placed in different areas of clinical research.

The training provides the following job opportunities.

Pharmaceutical companies and CROs: for those who graduated in Medicine and Surgery attractive career opportunities will open:
  • in the Management of Clinical Research, dealing with the drug from clinical development steps until its registration.

  • in the Management of the Therapeutic Unit which, in collaboration with the Marketing, follows the products development in different therapeutic areas.

  • in Medical Management which is responsible for all activities related to medical drugs before and after marketing, and for scientific communication.

  • For those who graduatedin other biomedical disciplines:

    • From Clinical Research Assistant or monitor responsible for clinical trials monitoring, those who get certification can work on greaters cientific content position and management commitment, as responsible for the organizationan dmanagement of clinical trials (Clinical Trials Manager), as project leader(Project Manager), or as head of the management team(Team Leader).

    • Another important issue is represented by Quality Assurance, as Quality Assurance Manager, responsible for controlling the quality of a trial and its compliance with the procedures and rules and regulations.

    • Drug safety is now a very important aspect of great public responsibility. In the pharmaceutical companies, the CROs and in large research institutes, Safety & Pharmacovigilance Manager are now operating. They are in charge of collecting all the reports from both, active and passive pharmacovigilance, channeling information as prescribed by internal rules and procedures.

    • The complexity of procedures related to clinical trials, particularly in the area of international multicenter studies, requires the presence of a Regulatory Affairs Manager who is supported by appropriate assistants. This professional figure sets and conducts all necessary paper work necessary for submission. Following all regulatory practices he/she is responsible for setting up regulatory applications to obtain marketing authorization once the dossier of pre-clinical and clinical studies is ready.